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Lathe-turning of polystyrene

Lathe-turning is a traditional cutting operation. We are able to make polystyrene work-pieces of a diameter up to 3m. Up to 100cm (or 185cm depending on shape) these are cut out from one integral piece of raw material. Larger pieces are glued from more parts with polyurethane foam.

Lathe-turning can produce rotated shapes, e.g. spheres, ovoids, cones, bells, vases, cannons, bars and balustrades, columns incl. bases and capitals, corpuses - rings for wreaths, lifebuoys, and many others. Our shop-floor allows really large work-pieces.

Lathe-turning of a giant polystyrene sphere of a diameter 180cm

polystyrene lathe turn work stryrofoam giant ball

production giant styrofoam polystyrene ball

styrofoam giant ball, turn works, set, machinery

koule polystyren, soustružení, výroba

Production of lathed hemisphere

giant styrofoam hemisphere lathe turn work

Lathed vases

soustružení polystyrenu průměr 80cm

kalich číše květináč váza pohár stojánek na vajíčko na tvrdo

soustružení polystyrenu váza


giant egg ovoid styrofoam polystyrene